Elizabeth Taylor

A few months ago I came up with the idea to decorate the interior of my walk in closet (my first ever!) with portraits of famous women. I tend to dress a little outlandishly at times, a 70s bell sleeve pink and floral dress, a blue 40s hat complete with netting…awesome, but def. not practical. As a result most of my pieces of flare don’t come out of the closet as much I’d like so I wanted them to be guarded by my favorite style icons. I consulted my good friend, Alex, for his advice and he agreed noting that the best famous women are the craziest! We never did get to decorate that closet (I lived there a short 2 months, in true crazy woman status), but in some ways I hope this blog reflects that original thought. For a concept blog, I hope we entertain and amuse.

For my first post I wanted to celebrate Elizabeth Taylor. I love her; she is the ultimate woman to perfectly encapsulate what this blog really is about. In her prime she was the beauty queen of Hollywood, her sultry looks, forever captured on film justified the hype and influenced a whole generation of women. She took chances in both the roles she choose on screen and in her personal life. She was married eight times, twice to the same guy. What makes me love her the most is the series of outlandish moments that have made her life seem so fun and exciting.

I'd like to share with you some of my favorite Elizabeth Taylor moments throughout the years, some you may very well know about and some that you might have overlooked. We really hope that you like our ode to the women that will grace these pages and that you will become inspired by them as much as we have. As Liz said once, "I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can't posses radiance, you can only admire it."

I now give you Elizabeth Taylor, beautiful, graceful, charming, funny, smart and just a LITTLE CRAZY!

As a young girl growing up in the early 90s my first exposure to Elizabeth Taylor was through her White Diamonds campaign. In fact, my grandmother, who OWNED the perfume, and who lived with my family exposed me to a lot of Elizabeth Taylor growing up. I'll never forget watching those commercials with her during her "stories".

My second favorite Liz moment is from the Golden Globes, in which she presented the best picture award for 2000. I quote her delivery of "Gladiator" all the time.

Everyone knows Liz has been married like a million times and judging from this clip, from another early 90s childhood staple, Entertainment Tonight (remember when John Tesh was on it?!), she's not planning on doing so again.

But probably the craziest thing about Elizabeth Taylor is her association with fellow crazies, Michael Jackson and Liza Minelli. Sometimes I think about what the three of them do and talk about when they are together. Once, I imagined them sitting in a garden, eating jello out of crystal bowls. This picture is from Liza's wedding to David Gest, god I wish I could have been there.

Liz has said that she doesn't read any of the biographies written about her. But I hope she knows that we all love her, no matter how crazy she is.

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N said...

I am SO looking forward to the installment on Liza. I've got the dizzies!!