Tyra Banks

It is only appropriate that the first crazy woman I write about be Tyra Banks because she is my favorite crazy. Although I must admit: I do (slightly) suspect she’s not actually nuts but maybe just a drama queen. But then again, she does act loco a majority of the time on each of her many shows. So I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and warrant her legitimately crazy. As proof I submit the following YouTube clips, my top 5 Tyra crazy moments:

1. Tyra shows insolent America’s Next Top Model reject, Tiffany, some tough luv:

2. OK I realize this next one is supposed to be a spoof of Oprah’s Favorite Things, but I can see the glimmer of crazy in Tyra’s eyes as she rolls on the floor. Whenever I am feeling blue I just watch this clip:

3. Tyra’s signature move is to feel other girls’ boobs. She does this…a lot. Here she feels Katherine McPhee’s. At least she cracks a joke about her wig.

4. As executive producer of The Tyra Show, you just know she totally came up with the idea for this bit, a spoof of Déjà Vu by Beyonce (another one of my favorite crazies). I’ve never actually seen this episode of Tyra but I have a feeling that even in context I would still consider this clip to be completely bonkers:

5. This one is just funny to me. I like how H.Duff acts as if she actually cares.


N said...


I smell imminent success for this blog. I laughed out loud at the picture of Denise Richards in the title!

N said...

Your girl is in the NY Times!!


Anonymous said...

This blog is on the money. This blog is inspiration for all men who have met the crazy woman at 2am at the bar. Your list of top famous crazy women has had me in stiches.

This blog deserves to be at the top the heap of all time funny blogs.

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