Sherri Shepherd

I love The View. No other show on television comes near the levels of sheer crazy that this show can achieve in a single episode. OK, I know what you are thinking. Surely some of the reality shows or soap operas out there are crazier than The View, right? I mean have you seen She’s Got the Look? But the thing about The View that makes it so much crazier is that it tries to pass itself off as a legitimate informative talk show: a diverse group of women discussing the issues that matter in an engaging fashion. I can totally see this formula working on paper. But when you cast attention-starved, nutball, pseudo-celebrities (Star Jones, Elizabeth Hasselbeck) next to actual outspoken celebrities (Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg) that formula goes out the window and what ensues is pure pandemonium.

My absolute favorite co-host is Sherri Shepherd because she is such a fucking moron. She is beyond dumb. And it’s such a shame too because I think she’s awesome on 30 Rock as Angie Jordan. Sherri often finds herself a bit lost among the strong personalities of the other View hosts. Here she argues that Christians predated everything, even the ancient Greeks.

Next she denies the theory of evolution and announces that she has never thought about whether or not the world was flat because she is more concerned with how she is going to feed her child.

I love Barbara Walters quip, “Well you can do both!” Go Babs, you little nympho. At this point I bet the producers of the show wish the world was flat so they could put her on a boat and send her off the edge. Last, Sherri reveals that she has never voted before because she didn’t know the dates of the elections.

Despite being such an idiot, I still love Sherri. I think it has something to do with the fact that she reminds me of a sassy little kid and there is nothing cuter than that.


Meghan said...

how can you continue in the public eye after saying you've never thought about the question of whether the world is round or flat, and then trying to turn it into a "i'm a hard working parent whose priority is her child" as an excuse for not using your brain...

Anonymous said...

on that second video, after being asked what if her son wanted to know whether the world was flat, at 1:28 did she say, "I guess I would go 'look that up'"? lol...I could not tell because everyone started yelling over each other

p.s. What a great blog!