Point-Counterpoint: Anne Hathaway

Here at the Hall of Crazy Women we do not always see eye to eye. For instance, Alex absolutely hated the movie Once whereas I thought it was adorable. When we started the Hall we realized soon that we had something new to disagree about, the validity of claiming someone as crazy. Thus out of the ashes of our disagreement arose the Point/Counterpoint phoenix, a new style for our humble blog that I hope you enjoy (since we had a lot of fun writing it and want to do it again!)

Anne Hathaway

Slamm: So I'm pretty sure Anne Hathaway is crazy, not outwardly crazy like Liza or Kim Jong-il but crazy none the less. It is my belief that history will show Anne Hathaway as being less than sane, therefore I am putting her on notice. There are already flairs of crazy that have thread their way through her life, for instance, raised Catholic (in Short Hills, NJ) she had dreams of being a nun. Really? Who honestly dreams of joining a convent when they are 8 years old? Crazy people, that's who. She abandoned that notion when she found out that her brother was gay.

Alex: Anne Hathaway is not crazy. She is a beautiful, seemingly intelligent, woman who is surrounded by crazy people. Although I would not be surprised if she becomes crazy by the time she is 40 (a normal occurrence for most of the Hollywood crowd), at the moment she is perfectly normal. Counterpoint one: Lots of people who are raised Catholic want to be nuns and priests when they are little and impressionable. It's called brainwash. I think it makes sense that she gave up her nun dreams when she found out her brother was gay. It would be difficult to both approve of your brother and disapprove of the gay lifestyle at the same time. Plus I don't think black and white are her colors:

S: Haha! Bows! One of my tried and true litmus tests of crazy I call, "The Donald." It's pretty self explanatory. If Donald Trump puts you on blast then you are most likely crayzay and as it happens, Anne Hathaway has recently passed this test. Upon news of Anne's breakup with Italian "businessman" Rafaello Follieri, who among other crimes, claimed to be b.f.f.'s with Pope Benedict (Anne should pen a DaVinci Code sequel with all of her Catholic related life drama). The Donald noted from his ivory tower of crazy that, "She hasn't remained very loyal to him, has she? So when he had plenty of money, she liked him, but then after that, not so good right?" Oooo Snap!

A: Spoken like a true asshole, Donald. He is only pissed because the couple no longer pays $37,000 a month to live in Trump Tower. Ms. Hathaway was in her right mind to leave her scam artist boyfriend. He sounds like a first-class douchebag. Who would lie about their connections to the Vatican to fool investors? As if high power people investing hundreds of millions of dollars wouldn't eventually discover this small fib. He should stay in jail for being a complete idiot. In fact, if Hathaway stayed with him I would doubt her sanity. It's like that one friend everyone has who is dating some loser they refuse to dump. You just want to shake the stupid out of them to make them see what is so painfully clear to everyone else. I am glad Anne saw the light before it was too late.

S: But thats exactly what did happen. Everyone was apparently warning Anne about her sleezepot b.f. and she refused to believe them, even her own PARENTS, according to the NY Daily News. It wasn't until the story was breaking about an investigation did Anne flee the country to dodge the bad press. My point is, I see through Anne Hathaway's cover of being the bland and boring starlet right to the glowing core inside of her that just wants to escape. I mean it, I can literally see right through her.

A: Smart, usually sensible people often find themselves in bad situations. And no, I'm not talking about the Get Smart remake. I'm talking about LOVE. Being in love with someone who is crazy doesn't make you crazy! Look at Chris O'Donnell in the movie "Mad Love" where he dates the suicidal Drew Barrymore...he's a completely normal guy, he just fell in love with a crazy girl. He can't help it. To explain Anne's situation, I quote rapper, Eve: "Love is blind and it will take over your mind." Love took over Anne's mind, but once she came to her senses, she did a hard thing and left her dirtball boyfriend. Amen to that!

S: A, did you really think I would give you the last word? When I was doing some half assed research for this blog post I google'd "Anne Hathaway, crazy" which oddly yielded lyrics to a song by Anne Hathaway (what? did she put out a cd or is this a different person?) called "Crazy Love." I'm pretty perplexed by this find and I'm going to put it out to our readers to answer my conundrum. Is this our same disputed crazy? If so, thats ironic, no? Also, and more importantly, what do you guys think? Is Anne crazy or at least on her way to crazyville? We really want to know what you think! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Definitely crazy. Theatre girl crazy. 100%. No doubt. It's in the eyes. You can always see it in the eyes.

Plus, the not crazy guy used a fictional character and a quote from a middling rapper as evidence to support his argument. Crazy guy used a picture of her in public wearing a see through shirt. Pretty clear decision.

Also, I'm the only one who has commented, so it's 2-1.