The Crazy-o-Meter

Crazy comes in all shapes and sizes, from the nutty to the wacky, the bizarre to the utterly insane, and here at the Hall of Crazy Women, we don’t discriminate. In fact, we embrace and celebrate all forms of craziness, but in order to make things a bit more interesting I came up with a really great idea! I’ve always been a bit of a classifier, a compulsive rater, a lover of measurement. Back in grade school I would meticulously create pie charts, Venn diagrams, and bar graphs for all of my school projects. Channeling these skills, I created a useful visual aid for the readers here at the Hall.
Introducing: The Crazy-o-Meter

Much like the Homeland Security Advisory System, the COM is color coded. Imagine Rachel McAdams as being a perfect day, sun shining in the sky, minorities holding hands on a hilltop, sharing refreshing beverages. Conversely Liza Minnelli would be a tornado of fire, an atomic twister. It should also be noted that much like our government issued forefather, our ratings are subject to whim and are as ever, defined by the absurd.

The Crazy-O-Meter is based in scientific data.

Let's see how classic crazies fare on the scale:


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