Lil Mama

When this blog was first conceived, I did not imagine I would spend much time discussing the craziness of young celebrity women. I figured the legendary and well-established crazies, the Whitney Houstons, Naomi Campbells, and Paula Abduls of the world, would provide more than enough fodder for our operation. And they have. Believe me, I know Miley Cyrus and Ali Lohan are well on their way to crazydom, but right now they are still high schoolers. They are still discovering who it is they are, living out new phases, experimenting with weird fashions, and learning the hard way that too much makeup is never a good thing. I sympathize and will give them their space, for now.

So why am I writing about Lil Mama then? The answer is...out of love. I love Lil Mama! Shes crazy, but I love her. Consider it crazy love. Plus shes going to be 19 soon, her grace period has expired.

First, there is the video for her hypnotic hit single "Lip Gloss." When I first saw this video I thought it had to be a prank, like some sort of SNL Digital Short. It just makes no sense. I don't understand how some ugly, overly glittered lip gloss can make you the most popular girl in school in only one day?! Surely it has to be a joke. But no, the dancing spoons in the cafeteria (2:19) prove me wrong. Lil Mama is definitely not kidding. Shes dead serious. That dancing silverware is no joke.

Second is her amazing sense of style. Like this ensemble that she wore to the 2007 VMAs. Is she seriously sucking on a pacifier? Did she do ecstasy in her limo? Or did her publicist give it to her as a trick to prevent her from saying stupid crap during red carpet interviews?

And just this week she wore this get-up to the Teen Choice Awards, where she won an obnoxious surf board trophy, probably for Most Poppin Song of the Year. She is looking mighty fierce for someone with a pink bow on their head. Like Little Bo Peep crossed with a pitbull.

Last there are her antics and commentaries on the highly addictive show, America's Best Dance Crew. Don't know what I am talking about? Just watch the show and you will see. Trust me. Shes nuts, but in an endearing way. Mostly I'm referring to when she blasted the Boogie Bots. I do not care to elaborate because I am afraid that the many psycho Boogie Bots fans might come after me on the internet, as they have done to Mama herself. I am sort of apathetic to the politics of that show nor do I care who wins. But Fanny Pack all the way, wooo!


Slamm D. Unk said...

Those are my favorite kind of Youtube vids, fan outrage!

Anonymous said...

haha more like "'LIL' Bo Peep crossed with a pitbull"..what a perfect description of that picture..so funny!