Brooke Hogan

I don't really give a shit about Brooke Hogan. I think shes dumb and gross like the rest of her family and is not worthy of my attention. But I feel compelled to place her in our Crazy Hall of Fame because of her relatively recent statement about a woman becoming president. She said: "I actually am not that into voting. I think that its kind of crazy that a woman is running because I think women deal on emotions and menopause and PMS and stuff." Since crazy women are our area of expertise, you know I had to chime in. Brooke is fucking stupid! Obviously women are equally capable leaders. History has given us some excellent examples: Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Cleopatra (both the actual Egyptian queen and the Liz Taylor version), and Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place.

Just in case that batshit quote isn't enough proof to establish Brooke's craziness to our readers, I decided to find more evidence. But I also promised myself I would only spend less than 10 minutes searching as to not waste too much of my life's precious moments caring about someone of her ilk. Therefore my research consisted solely of a quick Google image search, which I suspect/hope you will find sufficient.

So without further ado, I present "6 Reasons why Brooke Hogan is Crazy: a photo essay."

6. She forces innocent dogs to eat from her cleavage.

5. She wears jeans fashioned into assless chaps.

4. She dresses like a tranny in a Tarzan costume.

3. That is her dad rubbing her ass! Creepy!

2. She jokes about her brother being in jail. Hes in jail for reckless driving and driving under the influence which led to an accident. His passenger may be in a nursing home for the rest of his life because of the injuries he received. So pretty much that makes her a bitch.

1. I hope these are bad braces and not a grill. What the fuck?

I would say Brooke ranks pretty high on the Crazy-O-Meter. For now I would place her in the red section just below Ms. Liza Minelli. But Brooke is only 20. I suspect her craziest years are still ahead of her.


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Angelique Kindel (Picillo, Baker) http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/naranonsupport/
“I wanted him to hit rock bottom so bad that when someone would make a joke
like ‘hey I got a friend who would hurt him’ I was taking him seriously.I wanted his car destroyed..I wanted him hurt so that he could be in the hospital.. I put my son in harms way so many times by my driving or my yelling at him to get in the car faster so I could chase after Jason..I knew what I was doing was wrong and crazy…...I used to get so upset that I would yell at my son and I would drive erratically or couldnt' function or
thought of all sorts of things to get back at him..” 4/15/06 #8420.

Anonymous said...

12-2214 1909 Domestic Disturbance
Feb 15, 2012 Arrest: 12-2214-AR Arrest: PICILLO, ANGELIQUE C...48 JANET ST WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA DOB: 11/11/1979 Charges: A&B (Assault and Battery)

Anonymous said...

o Angelique Picillo excuse me for saying so but I do have a degree in domestic violence and addiction...so I don't want to be rude here...but I met you years ago and while I like many other people loved your books I was actually totally creeped out as to why a man would have so much of an interest? so you never have been an abuser and are reformed.....I almost went to a retreat years back but was upset that a man no matter how smart on the subject was allowed to be there...I also tried to join a local coalition about children/women and never heard back.....I have asked about things on here and never heard back...I remember all the women who were older than me drooling over you....how do you deal with all that attention? how do you much like police doing good police work not turn to the bad side? have you ever thought or accidentally been abusive, shoved or manipulative. You say in your books to measure a mans change by the amount he can deal with you bringing up things that he did or upset him so I am curious if you will erase this. many women are wondering if you have ever taken advantage of a women ecuase you meet them in sucha raw vulnerable state? are you offended by women not wanting you around? a lot of women are hurt and are searching for a man to understand their pain and make it better and you appear as the answer/perfect guyI have been through dv over and over so I can say I understand it and write a book on it but I could never write a book on being an abuser or wht they are thinkin because no matter how much I understand the concepts i really don't get it...so tell me it is that you so accurately describe teh hows and whys without being an abuser?how can you understand what women want unless you have traveled down that thought path yours?.why appear in person and not just be the man behind the book?
o April 16 at 6:44am • Like